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Blu Remote, The Balanced Fighter

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1 Blu Remote, The Balanced Fighter on Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:24 pm

Personal Information

Name: Blu Remote
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Hybrid
Alingment: Mercy
Story: During the war, Blu was a young soldier. But during a fight, he manage to get defeated and then kidnapped by the monster. After a week in a prison, a scientist take him to his lab to test is new plan. His plan was simple: create a killing machine that will destroy all the humans. So then, he transformed Blu into a D.R.O.I.D:

D.R.O.I.D are killing machine equipped with many weapons and powers powerful enough to erase all the humanity.

At this point, Blu has turned into a monster. Afterward, the scientist tested Blu in many differents way. Blu was trained using training dummy (There is not relation with any dummy character). One day, the dummy was replaced by a human. Suddenly, all of Blu's feelings cope back. The scientist considered that as a failure because D.R.O.I.D are not supposed to have feelings. They are just meant to be a killing machine. Then, he let Blu out of the lab, wandering in the underground. Blu never uses is arsenals. He never wanted to. After a long walk, Blu reach the Waterfall. He then sit somewhere and looked at the star. After a long time thinking, he manage to do something: "If I'm a monster then, I must act like a monster. I'll stay in the Underground and never going back to the surface. 'Cause if I do, they will reject me."

Emotional Information

Personality: His personality can vary in a great way. More commonly, he his happy, like to laugh and he is very social. Sometime, he can be very cold, and not give a cap about something, but, that's kind of rare
Likes: Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie, playing with other, foods, drinks, Waterfall, Snowdin
Dislikes: Everybody who seems bad or a threat.
Weaknesses: Can be easyli manipulated go do things


Talk: Talk about video games
Bad Pun: Try to make it laugh
Challenge: Challenge Blu
Eat: Ask Blu if he wanna eat somethings
Hum: Hum a video game soundtrack
Drinks: Ask Blu if he wanna drinks somethings

Battle Statistics

Level: 1

MAX HP: 25
ATK: 4
DEF: 4
HIT: 0

Hack n' slash: "Where did you get that sword?" Can hit 4 time. Roll d4. The number equal the number of hit. Roll d5 -Cooldown: 5 turns-
Battle Stats: "You learned to adapted yourself or your friends to the situation" Can target an ally. Choose to add +2 ATK/ MATK or +2 DEF/MDEF to the targeted ally. Cannot be stacked. Last 4 turns -Cooldown: 2 turns-
Healing Wind: "The winds bring you the life" Target every allies and yourself. Heals 3HP per turns and last for 5 turns for a total amount of 15HP restored. -Cooldown: 7 turns-
Bullet Hell: "No matter what happens, just hope it won't put yourself or your friend in a bad situations " Roll a d10 If 1: Only hit yourself and instantly kill you. If 2-3: Only the enemy is hit with a powerful blow wich deal 30+(ATK) damage. If 4-5: Hit yourself and the enemy with a less powerful blow that deal 15+(ATK) damage. If 6,7,8,9,10: hit your allies with a Blow that only deal 5 Damage and can't be defended.




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2 Re: Blu Remote, The Balanced Fighter on Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:25 pm


APROVED, your OC has been aproved, welcome.

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3 Re: Blu Remote, The Balanced Fighter on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:06 am

Daaaamnn, i like Bullet Hell, very balanced and...If you get a 1, then you're dead

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