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Poshi, The Rhythm Human.

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1 Poshi, The Rhythm Human. on Fri Mar 18, 2016 2:58 am


Personal Information

Name: Poshi
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Human
Alingment: Neutral
Story: Just a simply human that likes a lot the videogames, especially the musical ones. One day only for being curious, he explored the MT. Ebott, where accidentally fell. There, Toriel was the one who saw him falling, and as the same way as Toriel treats the fallen humans, Toriel was very kind with Poshi, making him feel really strange, because, the truth is, that he went to the MT. Ebott to get lost for a while, he has a lot of problems with his family, and Toriel treating him so nice, made him love Toriel as the same way and more than his mother. In that way, Poshi try to keep his life normally in the underground.

Emotional Information

Personality: He is really nice with the persons, and really curious of everything. He can identify the "real friends" really quick and like to be with his friends. Is kinda hyperactive sometimes. He is really creative to much stuff, but the creativity of coloring and decorating isn't really good. Is very happy as the most time of the time, and he can hide everything about him, he can be really depressed inside, but outside can be at the same time the most happy person ever. He can get kinda distracted really easy while reading, and he really isn't great doing the initiative.
Likes: Videogames, specially the Musical Ones, explore and try new stuff, say stupid stuff that sometimes are funny.
Dislikes: Dumb people, ignorant people, the people and society in general.
Diseases: Bad vision (he have to wear glasses)
Weaknesses: He's really sensitive, he can get sad really quick, but it's almost imposible to know that from the outside, and maybe other weakness can be that he trust really quick in the persons.


Act 1: Talk
Act 2: Challenge (In a videogame)
Act 3: Smile
Act 4: Joke
Act 5: Hug
Act 6: Taunt

Battle Statistics

Level: 1

MAX HP: 30
ATK: 3
DEF: 1 (1 + The Acurracy Pasive) = 2
HIT: 2

Skill 1:Dance Dance Revolution!: Create a Magical Dancepad from the DDR game, and start dancing in the max dificult. Roll 1d100+(FLEE)+(HIT)

Play a song with difficult 7: If success, +10 HP (80% Probabilities)
Play a song with difficult 8: If success, Deals your basic attack + 20 ATK (60% Probabilities)
Play a song with difficult 9: If success, +20 DEF for 2 turns (40% Probabilities)
Play a song with dificult 10: If success, DODGE +30, ATK +20, DEF +20 and HP +20 for 3 turns and reset any cooldown of this ability (20% Probabilities)

(COOLDOWN: 2 Turns, when success the Dificult 10 song, this ability has 6 Cooldown instead)

Skill 2:Guitar Hero!, Create a Magical Guitar from the GH game and start playing it. Roll 1d100+(FLEE)+(HIT)

Easy Mode: If Success, the enemy gets weak, -5 ATK and -5 DEF for 1 Turn. (80% Probabilities)
Medium Mode: If success, shoot a thunder that blind the enemy for 1 Turn. (60% Probabilities)
Hard Mode: If success, The enemy gets weaker, -15 ATK and -15 DEF for 1 Turn (40% Probabilities)
Expert Mode: If success, Your hands gets in fire, +20 ATK and +2 SPEED for 3 Turns (20% Probabilities)

(Cooldown: 2 turns, if Expert Mode Song success, 6 cooldown instead.)

Skill 3:Acurracy (Pasive): Hitting with Acurracy those notes feels you with DEF, Each 2 points of HIT, +1 DEF

Skill 4:Frenzy!, Only activable when the Dificult 10 song and Expert Mode was successed at least 1 each. +30 DODGE for 3 turns and you can use one DDR song and one GH dificult at the same time and there isn't Cooldown for those while the 3 turns of Frenzy are. (COOLDOWN: 1 per ROLEPLAY)


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