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Ruby, The Healer Unicorn.

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1 Ruby, The Healer Unicorn. on Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:39 pm


Personal Information

Name: Ruby
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Race: Monster
Alingment: Mercy
Story: Just a Unicorn that in the Human vs Monster war, their parents was killed, and she only survived, escaping and hiding from Humans and even Monsters, while she doing that, she founds with a little Human Kid, she was scared from Humans, but that kid was scared from monsters, but still, they were hiding together.

While the time, they were really good friends and make everything together, they thought that maybe, Monsters and Humans can be friends again.

One day, the monsters founded Ruby and the Human, they had no mercy with the human, killing him, Ruby couldn't do anything to save him, escaping again and thinking: "Maybe, we ARE the MONSTERS, not the humans..."

She spends months in a cave, reading some "White Magic" books. That day she made a promise herself... "I will protect every Monster, Every Human that needs help, no matter what".

Emotional Information

Personality: Ruby is really serious to be a little kid, maybe what happened with their parents makes her like this, but that's doesn't means that she is boring, she likes to play and is really happy like any kid of her age. She hates when someone else criticize her or laugh at her. Is very mature, sometimes more than adults do. She likes to protect the innocent and the people in need, that's make her feel "loved". She almost all the time is wearing a diaper because her Weak Bladder problems, she tries to ignore it and live normally.
Likes: Play with friends, read books, sleep long time, swimming, been with friends.
Dislikes: Her weak bladder problem that makes her using diapers, dumb people, bad people, inmature people if isn't a friend, fights, conflicts, that someone else get laugh at her.
Diseases: Weak bladder.
Weaknesses: Black Magic.


Pet: Try to pet her.
Cute: Say some cute stuff to her because she's cute.
Ignore: Just ignore her.
Insult: Insult her about something.
Laugh: Laugh at her about something.
Respect: Respect her about something.

Battle Statistics

Level: 1

MAX HP: 25
ATK: 1
DEF: 5
HIT: 0

Heal: Heals 5+(MDEF and MATK) to a single objective, or heal every ally with 5+(MATK) -Cooldown: 3 Turns-
Blessing: +5 ATK, MATK, DEF and MDEF to an ally for 3 turns -Cooldown: 3 Turns-
Teleport: Can Dodge ANY ATTACK with it. -Cooldown: 6 Turns-
Miracle/Meet the Light: Miracle only occurs when has at least 3 allies with her, and Meet the light if there is less than 3 allies with her.

MIRACLE: Cure every bad stats of every ally (including Fainted), and Heal ALL HP, but Ruby will be fainted with 0 HP. -Cooldown: 1 per Roleplay-

MEET THE LIGHT: Ruby cast a powerful Magical attack, doing d10+30 Damage to all the enemies and causes BLIND to all the enemies too for 3 turns. (Blind: roll d2 before attack, if rolls 1, you will fail the attack, if rolls 2, you will hit the attack) (She only can use Meet The Light if her HP is less than 50%) -Cooldown: 1 Per Roleplay-

Weapon: None
Armor: None



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